The Mudbug - Mud Density Meter For The Determination Of Navigable Depth Through Fluid Mud

Navigable depth goes “plug and play”

Accurate depth profiling is an essential part of hydrographic surveying.

A shipping channel may be deeper than it looks if there is a layer of silt or fluid mud above the seabed. The only way to determine the true navigable depth of the channel is to measure the density of the mud.

The MudBug is a "plug and play" marine density meter which connects directly to a PC or laptop. Powered entirely through its USB connection to the PC, it is the first device of its kind to be fully portable.

The multifunctional transducer incorporates density, pressure (depth) and temperature sensors plus interface electronics. Measurements are output continuously as digital data, allowing density/depth profiling in real time.

Hydramotion mud density meter
Hydrographic Map

The Hydramotion MudBug is the safe, convenient and easy-to-use system for gathering the data you need. It can be used for spot measurements or towed behind a survey vessel.

more on density of fluid mud ... [pdf]

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