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Hydramotion Ltd - world leaders in viscosity measurement Other Hydramotion products: viscosity measurement
Moisture measurement with the Hydramotion MicroLance Other Hydramotion products: moisture measurement
ITER Underwater, computer & defence industry suppliers, export representatives for medium-sized companies Distributor in France
EMSCompanyEMS Distributor in Japan
Terra & Aqua International Association of Dredging Companies
Hydro International   Hydro International Worldwide information magazine for hydrography
International Dredging Review News & information for the worldwide dredging industry
Dredging & Port Construction Dredging & Port Construction - Official magazine of CEDA and EADA
Oilfield information source
GlobalSpec Engineering search engine
Malton Laser Fabrication specialists
Transducer Directory Online directory of transducer resources
Bioscience York Information provider
DCM Transcal Distributor of control and measurement instruments
Contech Instrumentering Instrumentation supplier for the process industry
MTL Instruments KK Instrumentation supplier in Japan
Impact Supplier of laboratory test equipment for civil engineering
Tianhou Electronic Supplier of quality oil measurement instruments
Yeong Shin Co., Ltd Instrument distributor in south-east Asia
ESR European Society of Rheology
SR Society of Rheology
University of Leeds University of Leeds
University College, Dublin University College, Dublin